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Published UICSFS Members & Friends

Phil and Kaja Foglio
Girl Genius: Omnibus Edition #1

ISBN: 1890856401, Paperback - BUY
Book Description
Agatha Clay is a student at Transylvania Polygnostic University and a complete klutz. But when the University is overthrown and a mechanical monster stalks the streets, it begins to look as though Agatha may carry a spark of Mad Science after all! This convenient backpack-sized, black and white edition contains the first three volumes of the Girl Genius collection and is a perfect gift for anyone new to the series.

Phil Foglio
Myth Adventures Collection: Another Fine Myth

ISBN: 1890856436, Hardcover - BUY
Book Description
Mythadventures is the graphic adaptation of Robert Asprin's comedic novel 'Another Fine Myth'. It chronicles the adventures of Skeeve, a hapless apprentice magician, and his demonic teacher, Aahz, who has been stripped of his powers, as they battle with an insane wizard who is determined to drain the world of magic. Long out of print, this fantasy classic is fondly remembered by and greatly sought after by a wide audience of comics fans, gamers, and fantasy readers. It was also the first professional comics work by both Phil Foglio, and his inker, Tim Sale.

Jeff Duntemann
The Cunning Blood

ISBN: 0975915622, Hardcover - BUY

Jeff Duntemann
Degunking Your Email, Spam, and Viruses [ILLUSTRATED]

ISBN: 193211193X, Paperback - BUY
Book Description
The Internet and email has become a communications bonanza, allowing people to socialize, do business, shop, and enhance their education just about anywhere there is a computer. As convenient as all this communication is, it also creates piles of electronic clutter that accumulate on your computer, creating a blizzard of overstuffed files, annoying spam, and pop-ups, and making you vulnerable to dangerous hackers and viruses. Degunking Your Email, Spam, and Viruses is organized according to a special cleaning process and written in everyday language that is designed for all computer users. With our unique 12-step Degunking program, you'll learn all the tried-and-true techniques to keep your computer clutter-free of spam and viruses and running well. The unique Degunking with Time Limitations chart shows how you can improve your computer's performance and keep your email better organized, regardless of whether you have ten minutes or a few hours. This book also provides information and links to free utilities and programs that will help you get rid of viruses, manage your email better, and protect your computer.

Cory Glaberson
Crystal Barrier (Role Aids Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Supplement, Stock # 741)

ISBN: 0912771674, Paperback - $6.00 BUY
Battle with Blue Dragons Interdimensional travel to The Land Beyond. For 3-5 characters of skill level 6 to 8

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